• We had thought about fostering for years, and were so glad we chose Red Kite as our partner in this venture. They explained everything so clearly, not hiding the downsides, helping us to develop our skills, so that we could become foster carers. Tony and all the staff at Red Kite are always available for anything we need, help, advice or just someone to talk to. All in probability, the greatest decision we ever made was to join Red Kite Fostering.

    NW, Leominster

  • Red Kite Fostering is a fantastic team to work with. Yes, I do mean TEAM and WITH as opposed to AGENCY and FOR.
    I would go further – for the word TEAM substitute FAMILY because that’s what it feels like. In my experience as a foster carer there has always been the US and THEM barrier between carer and agency/authority; with Red Kite the ethos of nurturing and attachment extends beyond the looked after children. It is evidently also in place for staff and carers alike.

    JS, South Wales

  • We were approved for fostering by Red Kite Fostering in September 2013. We had our first placement in October 2013 and have not looked back. From day one, the support we have had has been impeccable. We have training offered to us, there is always someone to talk to if needed. I love the networking coffee mornings. They made us feel at ease with no pressure. Placement matches are carefully discussed and thought out to ensure the child suits your family and lifestyle. I thought it would be a daunting experience but Red Kite assured us it wouldn’t be and they were right.

    JR, Worcester