Together we can change the world for children

We provide a team of professionals to help you in your task as Foster Carers

The Red Kite Children and Family Centre

Based in Kington, Herefordshire, the Red Kite Children and Family Centre is the hub of our operation. From here a team of Supervising Social Workers, Family Support Workers, Theraplay support workers, Therapists and Teachers help you successfully foster. Led by a vastly experienced management team and a dedicated administration team Red Kite Foster Carers are given all the help and guidance they need to change children’s lives for the better.

The Team

You…The Foster Carer!

Without you, there is no fostering service, so you are the most important member of the team. It’s all about you and we are here to make your life easier by giving you real support as and when you need it. Read the testimonials from our carers on this website and you will see that we do exactly as it says on the tin!

Supervising Social Worker

Each family is allocated a Supervising Social Worker who’s primary task is to make sure you get the help you need before there is any crisis or difficulty. They work tirelessly on your behalf behind the scenes liaising with other professionals working with the child you are looking after. They are there to help you, guide you and sing your praises at meetings held to see how a child is progressing in your care.

Family Support Worker

Sometimes Foster families need practical help, such as transporting a child to family contact, or may be they just need a break so they can go shopping, have a quiet coffee with a friend (particularly important for solo carers) and this is where the Family Support Worker steps in. Their help is accessed through the Supervising Social Worker, so you can see now how the team is set up to help you.

Theraplay Support Worker

Many of the children that need your care will respond well to the love and stability you give them, but some need additional help to recover from the traumatic experience of previous parenting. Red Kite Fostering uses Theraplay, a technique and set of skills designed to help Foster Carers and Foster Children build strong and lasting relationships. You all get Theraplay training as its an important part of our work, but some families will work with the Theraplay Support Worker too. Again this is accessed though the hard working Supervising Social Worker.


Red Kite have a number of Therapists who have specific skills to assist children in your care. They are also there to help carers who might be upset by the past histories of some of the children. We work together to make sure everybody feels good about fostering. The Supervising Social Worker will access this service if it is required.


Red Kite will provide education or education based activities to children waiting for a school place or needing additional education support. Guess who can access this service for you. That’s right, your ever-so friendly hard working Supervising Social Worker.


A busy fostering manager
A busy fostering manager
The Training Room
The Training Room
A very busy Theraplay worker
A very busy Theraplay worker

Out of hours support

If you have a problem, chances are its outside of office hours or on a weekend. This is why Red Kite Fostering provides an Emergency Duty Team who will respond to your call for advice or help as required. This is a 24/7 365 days a year service. We are always there to help you and yes, it may even be your Supervising Social Worker who is on duty if you call!

This is how we provide highly supported foster homes that are safe, stable and nurturing, so creating an environment that promotes recovery and enables real change. The principle behind all of our work at Red Kite Fostering is that by working together we can facilitate real, lasting, personal change in the children and young people entrusted to our care.